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Who We Are....

Bay Pines Cottages was originally built in the 1950's serving as a spot for fisherman to lodge and access the lower chain of lakes with some of the best fishing in the Mid-West. Since the 1950's, Bay Pines still operates as a small cottage micro-resort on the peninsula between Big Stone and Laurel Lake. In 2021 Bay Pines Cottages was purchased by new owners with plans to revitalize and restore the property so that future generations have a place to vacation and take in the joy of being up north. 

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We know there is something spectacular about being in the Three Lakes area, with the vast water landscape, sky scraping pines, or nights lit up by dazzling stars, nature is constantly inviting you in. One of the pleasures of staying at Bay Pines Cottages, is life up north truly has a way of slowing down. Bay Pines Cottages mission is to offer an unparalleled small cottage four-season retreat with all the
modern-day amenities. Whether you're looking to escape the city, or looking for a cozy stay-cation it would be our pleasure to be your hosts. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Bay.

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